Foresight Study: Research for a Sustainable Swiss Food System

Another major barrier reducing progress toward the implementation of successful measures for a sustainable Swiss food system seems a lack of urgency, mentioned by four out of eight interviewees, framing different aspects of the food system. According to these interviewees, most of the food system stakeholders do not see or directly experience the implications of scarce resources such as the increasing loss of arable land in Switzerland. In the interviewees’ perception, the stakeholders do not see the urgency to conserve these resources and, consequently, the pressure on political or economic systems to change something is currently quite low.

Institution: World Food System Center ETH Zurich
Autor: Dr. Luisa Last, Prof. Dr. Nina Buchmann, Dr. Anna Katarina Gilgen, Michelle Grant, Dr. Aimee Shreck
Auftraggeber: Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG
Publikationsjahr: 2015
Kontakt: Dr. Luisa Last,
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